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Do you want your publications to Inform or Inspire? Correspond or Captivate? Luckily, in the age of technology, you have a choice.

Whether you distribute magazines, product brochures, catalogs or newsletters, ePage offers the familiar page-turn effect readers enjoy and the broad reach of the World-Wide-Web!

And the best part is we do all the work. No programming, no trial & error, no missing features. Just send your PDF and get the ePage experience!

Static text and scrolling PDFs are fine for some documents, but if you seek a more enriching reader experience, ePage is the digital choice.


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There are any number of do-it-yourself programs and services that will generate a digital edition if you have the time. Most require some programming skill and the results don't always offer a full-range of features.

ePage is a full-featured digital edition at a DIY price, and takes only 5 minutes to order & upload.

ePage Easy

Digital Editions are so easy with ePage. It only takes 5 minutes.

Just place your order, upload your pdf and you'll receive a high quality, feature packed digital edition.

You'll say, "That was easy"!

Feature Packed

From zoom to search, navigation to links, the features packed inside each ePage are impressive.

Want a Digital Edition that wow's your readers and customers? Check out Multimedia Max.

With animation, video, music and more, your digital edition will be the envy of your industry.


Do you envision a digital edition that is more than the cookie-cutter versions you see everyday? Let us design a user interphase that is unique to your publication.

We can tailor your ePage with image backgrounds, customized navigation skins, page indexes and a host of special looks.

Branded For You

Companies spend untold amounts of time and money to brand their identity. Logos, slogans, color schemes are all part of your public persona.

Your digital collateral should project your complete image as well. We customize ePage digital editions to project your complete image.

A Little Quick Math
Let's say you publish a magazine with a circulation is 50,000 (12 editions/yr). And you convert 15% of your current subscribers to digital edition & increase total circulation by 10%. That's a $185,000 annual savings in print & postage.
Environmental Stewards
Interested in the environment? Reduce your overall environmental consumption footprint. Save trees, energy and waste products deposited into streams, rivers and landfills.

Make the world a better place.
Marketing In Motion

Are paper & PDF marketing materials generating fewer & fewer results? Time to shake things up? ePage brochures & catalogs kick things up a notch.

  • 7 times the response rate.
  • 4 times the appointments set.
  • 60% cost reduction.
  • Faster customer response.

If you are looking for a low cost way to increase revenue, excite your staff and bring your publication documents to life, well you've just found it!

Try out ePage yourself. Simply click the Free ePage Demo button to get the visual adrenaline of your very own Digital Edition Today!

ePage is a complete digital edition solution, not "do-it-yourself" software. Simply send your PDF, select your options and expect a high quality, full-featured digital edition in just hours.

Yes, there are a half-dozen quality DIY software solutions for 3D editions. And yes, they all require measured degrees of programming knowledge and available features. But if you want an instant full-featured digital edition contact ePage.
Earth Friendly